Paper Listing

ATRF 2011 Paper Listing
Session NumberRegistration NumberAuthor/sTitle
0.11000Lyn O'ConnellStrategic Transport Research and technology in Australia - Processes and Priorities
0.21001Stefan HajkowiczOur Future World - Trends, Risks and Scenarios
1.1.168Rhonda Daniels, Cameron Gordon, Corinne MulleyMass media and mass transit: a newspaper's campaign on public transport planning in Sydney
1.1.294Regan Bleechmore, Billie Giles-Corti, Sarah French, Doina OlaruUniversity U-Pass programs: projecting potential quantitative impacts at UWA
1.2.119Flavia Tsang, Andrew Daly, Frank MilthorpeForecasting Car Ownership in the Sydney Area
1.2.210Chinh Ho, Toshiyuki YamamotoThe role of attitudes and public transport service on vehicle ownership in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
1.3.1221Peter Stopher, Yun Zhang, Jimmy Armoogum, Jean-Loup MadreNational Household Travel Surveys: The Case for Australia
1.3.2106Christina Inbakaran, Annette KroenTravel Surveys - Review of international survey methods
1.4.1231Nirajan Shiwakoti, Majid Sarvi, Geoff RoseExploration of design solutions for the enhancement of crowd safety
1.4.283Jianqiang Cui, Andrew Allan, Dong LinInfluencing Factors for Developing Underground Pedestrian Systems in Cities
2.1.1183Scott MartinReviewing the last decade of public transport infrastructure projects in Australasia
2.1.2114Chris HaleEvolving Futures for Australian and International Passenger Rail
2.1.3123Kym NorleyUrban rail infrastructure - the path from comprehensive transport plans to the recent experience
2.2.1195Paul Kidd, Peter DavidsonAn Economic Basis for Projecting Land Use Development
2.2.245James Fox, Andrew Daly, Bhanu Patruni, Frank MilthorpeExtending the Sydney Strategic Travel Model to Represent Toll Road and Park-and-Ride Choices
2.2.3197Kelly J. Clifton, Roger Chen, April CutterRepresenting Weather in Travel Behaviour Studies: A Case Study from Sydney, AUS
2.3.1101Liesel Henn, Neil Douglas, Keith SloanSurveying Sydney rail commuters' willingness to change travel time - ATRF 2011
2.3.2177Craig McGeoch30 Years of Travel in Melbourne: 1978/79 and 2007/08
2.3.3255Hema de Silva, Leanne Johnson, Karen WadeLong distance commuters in Australia: A socio-economic and demographic profile
2.4.12Carl RellerSustainable Asset Management: culture, ecology and transport
2.4.258Craig McPherson, John Richardson, Oscar McLennan, Geoff ZippelPlanning an electric vehicle battery-switch network for Australia
2.4.3249Maria Rashidi, Peter GibsonProposal of a Methodology for Bridge Condition Assessment
3.1.1213Ray Maher, Peter SkinnerAn architect's view of the station user experience
3.1.2157Andrea Macdonald, Selby CoxonTowards a More Accessible Tram System in Melbourne - challenges for infrastructure design
3.1.3105Christina Inbakaran, Kristie HowesMixed land use index and public transport catchments
3.1.4115Chris HaleStation access and the modern transit system
3.2.1193Peter DavidsonModelling toll roads - where have we gone wrong?
3.2.218Mamun Rahman, Kaveh Bevrani, Edward ChungIssues and Concerns of Microscopic Calibration Process at Different Network Levels: Case Study of Pacific Motorway
3.2.3215Christopher Zito, Lien Tat, Ashish TamhaneWhat are we counting? Getting inputs correct to improve traffic modelling outcomes
3.2.498Robyn Davies, Paolo MarinelliTime and space travel by Brisbanites during road space restrictions: Are people smarter than traffic models?
3.3.1182Margaret Howard, Belinda Halling, Samara FarrellUnderstanding sustained behaviour change by focusing on "what's in it for me?"
3.3.2254Barb KothTravel Coaching: Commuter Evaluations of Behaviour Change Dialogue Sessions
3.3.3161Stephen Greaves, Simon FiferAnalysis of a Financial Incentive to Encourage Safer Driving Practices
3.3.456Ian KerParadigm Shifts in Transport: Scepticism, Denial, Frustration and (Eventually?) Implementation in Relation to Travel Behaviour Change
3.4.1150Stuart Lyndon, Paolo Marinelli, Karen Macintosh, Stuart McKenzieHigh Occupancy Vehicle Lane Enforcement: A successful trial in Brisbane by adding a splash of magenta
3.4.2128Phil Charles, Luis Ferreira, Ronald John GalizaImproving Traffic Systems Strategy and Operations Using a Capability Maturity Approach
3.4.3185Christian Chong-White, Gareth Millar, Fraser Johnson, Steven ShawThe SCATS and the environment study: introduction and preliminary results
3.4.4135Mohamad Raduan Kabit, Phil Charles, Luis Ferreira, Ahmad TavassoliExamination of traffic incident records and development of a rapid incident response plan
4.1.1118Kym NorleyCentral city railway capacity - making better use of existing infrastructure
4.1.220Philip LairdPotential reduction in energy use from a High Speed Rail network in Australia
4.1.324Tim Brooker, Abdullah UddinThe Future Inner Sydney Light Rail Network
4.2.197Bill Davidson, Peter Vovsha, Joel FreedmanNew Advancements in Activity-Based Models
4.2.2194Peter DavidsonA new approach to transport modelling - the Stochastic Segmented Slice Simulation (4S) Model and its recent applications
4.2.3140GUSRI YALDI, MICHAEL A P TAYLOR, WEN LONG YUEForecasting origin-destination matrices by using neural network approach: A comparison of testing performance between back propagation, variable learning rate and levenberg-marquardt algorithms
4.3.142John Stone, Paul MeesSpatial distribution of the journey to work by sustainable modes in Australian cities
4.3.288Grace CorpuzAn empirical assessment of teleworking using the Sydney Household Travel Survey data
4.3.3190Belinda Halling, Matthew Mayes, Margaret HowardWorkin' it - making smarter travel at work smarter!
4.4.1125Rui JIANG, Edward CHUNG, Jinwoo (Brian) LEEVarable Speed Limits: Conceptual Design for Queensland Practice
4.4.2253Wei DongAn overview of in-vehicle route guidance system
4.4.3210Julien Monteil, Romain Billot, Nour-Eddin El FaouziTowards cooperative traffic management : methodological issues and perspectives
5.1.15Rhonda Daniels, Corinne MulleyExploring the role of public transport in agglomeration economies and centres
5.1.2103Matthew McKibbinThe influence of the built environment on mode choice - evidence from the journey to work in Sydney
5.2.1169Russell Familar, Stephen Greaves, Michael TannerPrediction of Vehicle Kilometres Travelled: A Multilevel Modelling Approach
5.2.228Afzal Hossain, David GargettRoad vehicle-kilometres travelled estimated from state/territory fuel sales
5.3.150Henry Le, Ted van Geldermalsen, Wee Liang Lim, Paul MurphyDeriving Accident Costs using Willingness-to-Pay Approaches - A Case Study for Singapore
5.3.2189Wayne DaviesAdvanced Methods of Evaluating Benefits from Improved Flood Immunity in Queensland
5.4.189Cameron GordonPotential economic and industry impacts of the imposition of a truck driver Certificate of Professional Competence in Australia.
5.4.272Majid Sarvi, Omid EjtemaiExploring heavy vehicles car-following behaviour
6.1.1117Rhonda Daniels, Cameron Gordon, Corinne Mulley, Nick StevensOptimal contracting and incentives for public transport in Sydney: what has been learned from the Sydney Metro experience?
6.1.212Peter ParkerBus service reform in Melbourne - the last 5 years
6.1.351John DevneyChanging Perceptions of the Bus with Branded Services
6.2.1176Neil Douglas, Liesel Henn, Keith SloanModelling the Ability of Fare Changes to Spread AM Peak Passenger Loads using Rooftops
6.2.299Bill Davidson, Peter Vovsha, Mohammed Abedini, Chaushi Chu, Rory GarlandImpact of Capacity, Crowding, and Vehicle Arrival Adherence on Public Transport Ridership: Los Angeles and Sydney Experience and Forecasting Approach
6.2.3109John Odgers, Laura Andreoli Van SchijndeForecasting annual train boardings in Melbourne using time series data
6.3.171Paul Hamer, Graham Currie, William YoungImpacts of Parking Price Policies - A Review of the Melbourne Congestion Levy
6.3.2104Cliff NaudeSome like it HOT: A Comparison of Toll Roads and High Occupancy Toll lanes
6.3.321Richard F. Di BonaHow Will Upswings in Price Inflation and Interest Rates Change Toll Road Risk Profiles? A Study of Developing East Asian Economies with Broader Implications
6.4.131Godfrey Lubulwa, Adam Malarz, Shunpeng WangAn investigation of best practice landside efficiency at Australian container ports
6.4.227Krishna HamalInternational air freight movements through Australian airports to 2030
6.4.376Petr Kolar, Sean PuckettRole of Port Authorities in Australia, Canada and the European Union
7.1.17Selby Coxon, Karen Burns, Arthur De Bono, Robbie NapperAn examination of three approaches to metro rolling stock design to ameliorate extended dwell times due to passenger growth and associated crowding
7.1.2252Nicola Mosca, Rocco ZitoPositioning needs for public transport
7.1.3214Brendan Pender, Graham Currie, Alexa Delbosc, Yibing WangExploring How Rail Turnouts Impact Rail Replacement Outcomes
7.1.4138Amie Albrecht, Jaap Koelewijn, Peter PudneyEnergy-efficient recovery of delays in a rail network
7.2.178Sally Freeman, Nicholas HolyoakVulnerability Analysis of Macroscopic and Mesoscopic Road Networks
7.2.282Susilawati Susilawati, Michael Taylor, Sekhar SomenahalliModelling urban travel time variability with the Burr regression technique
7.2.314Kun Zhang, Andrew ExcellA micro-simulation approach to quantifying clearway benefits
7.2.487ashish bhaskar, edward chung, andre-gilles dumontArterial travel time estimation: Revisiting the classical procedure
7.3.111Joanne Leung, Tantri TantirigamaContribution of transport to economic growth and productivity in New Zealand
7.3.239Leigh GloverPublic Transport as a Common Pool Resource
7.3.3239Adrian Kemp, Victoria MollardUsing value capture mechanisms to finance local road infrastructure
7.3.4132Babar Chohan, Muhammad Imran, Christine CheyneRoads for economic development: An analysis of urban transport policies of New Zealand and Pakistan
7.4.116Amir Sobhani, William Young, David LoganExploring the relationship of conflict characteristics and consequent crash severity
7.4.293Li-Sian Tey, Guy Wallis, Luis Ferreira, Ahmad Tavassoli HojatiUsing a driving simulator to assess driver compliance at railway level crossings
7.4.3220Jennifer McSaveney, Wayne JonesHigh-risk drivers: an exercise in crash data analysis with what was to hand
7.4.4122Meeghat Habibian, Mahmoud Mesbah, Amir SobhaniRanking of Hazardous Road Locations in Two-Lane Two-Way Rural Roads with No Crash Record
8.1.265Li Meng, Nicholas Holyoak, Michael TaylorIncreasing the Patronage of Adelaide's Northern Rail Corridor
8.1.375Markus Botte, Doina OlaruGeo-spatial analysis of activity spaces in a TOD environment - Tracking impacts of rail transport policy using kernel density estimation
8.2.1107Marc Miska, Edgar Santos, Edward Chung, Helmut PrendingerOpenTraffic - An Open Source Platform for Traffic Simulation
8.2.2251David Shteinman, Garry Millar, Christian Chong-WhiteDevelopment of a Statistical Framework to Guide Traffic Simulation Studies
8.2.3112Marc Miska, Gajananan Kugamoorthy, Edward Chung, Helmut PrendingerA Traffic Simulation Standard based on Data Marts
8.3.1168Neil DouglasEstimating the User Benefit of Rail Station Lifts
8.3.2136Matthew Miller, Chris HaleInnovative Finance for New Rail Infrastructure
8.3.3201Neil Douglas, George KarpouzisTracking the Value of Rail Time over Time
8.4.132T P Hutchinson, R W G AndersonNewer cars: Much safer
8.4.238David Gargett, Mark Cregan, David CosgroveThe Spread of Technologies though the Vehicle Fleet
8.4.329T P Hutchinson, R W G AndersonSmaller cars: Not to be feared
9.1.130David CosgroveLong-term Patterns of Australian Public Transport Use
9.1.2179Erwin Lagura, Philip Norman, Mike Richmond, Richard WatlingThe Public Transport Usage of Two Melbournes
9.1.3108Jeffrey Kenworthy, Christina InbakaranDifferences in public transport provision and usage in thirteen Australian, American, Canadian and European cities between 1995/6 to 2005/6 and their implications for more sustainable transport
9.2.1129Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar, Edward Chung, Romain BillotArterial traffic congestion analysis using Bluetooth Duration data
9.2.2164Russell Thompson, Horst KayakEstimating Personal Physical Activity from Transport
9.2.3143Chansiri Suksri, Michael Taylor, Wen Long YueExploring stop-line traffic flows at signalised intersections in the Adelaide CBD
9.3.173Rhonda Daniels, Corinne MulleyUnderstanding variations in travel time to access key activities for accessibility planning
9.3.267Anatoli Lightfoot, Leanne JohnsonInvestigating the relationships between travel patterns and social exclusion of children in Sydney
9.3.360Long Tien Truong, Sekhar SomenahalliExploring mobility of older people: a case study of Adelaide
9.4.140Leigh GloverPersonal Carbon Budgets for Transport
9.4.2192Mark Symmons, Geoff Rose, Justin Rorke, Cherill WatkinsEcodriving: Insight from a real world fleet-based trial
9.4.392Gongbin Qian, Edward ChungEvaluating effects of eco-driving at traffic intersections based on traffic micro-simulation
10.1.143Min Xu, Frank Milthorpe, Karen TsangDetailed Analysis of the Travel Patterns of Rail Users in Sydney
10.1.2234David Emerson, Bruno ParolinTime Cost Measurement of Travel in Sydney and Implications for Public Transport Patronage Potential
10.1.337Alexa Delbosc, Graham CurrieModelling the causes and consequences of perceptions of personal safety on public transport ridership
10.2.157Kaveh Bevrani, Mamun Muntasir Rahman, Edward ChungQueue Protection parameters' fine-tuning for Variable Speed Limits
10.2.2147Ahmad Tavassoli Hojati, Phil Charles, Luis Ferreira, Mohamad Raduan KabitAn analysis of traffic incidents on an Australian urban road network
10.2.359Kaveh Bevrani, Edward ChungCar Following Model Improvement for Traffic Safety Metrics Reproduction
10.3.180Helen Battellino, Kevin McClainCommunity Transport in NSW - Broadening the Horizon
10.3.2228Victoria Johnson, Graham Currie, Janet StanleyPlanning for society and community: Are transport problems a barrier to participation in community activities?
10.3.39David Hensher, Rhonda DanielsMonitoring community views on transport confidence over time: the quarterly Transport Opinion Survey (TOPS)
10.4.1158Andrea Raith, Uttara Nataraj, Matthias Ehrgott, Garry Miller, Keith PauwPrioritising Cycle Infrastructure Projects
10.4.2102Mahmoud Mesbah, Russell ThompsonOptimal Design of Bike Lane Facilities in an Urban Network
10.4.3144Matthew Yi, Katie Feeney, Claudia Garcia, Parish Chandra, David AdamsValuing cycling - Evaluating the economic benefits of providing dedicated cycleways at a strategic network level
11.1.1246Peter Graham, Corinne MulleyCash or Prepay Abstract Submission
11.1.2245Lily Hirsch, Kirrilly ThompsonI can sit but I'd rather stand: Commuter's experience of crowdedness and fellow passenger behaviour in carriages on Australian metropolitan trains
11.2.1186Christian Chong-White, Gary Millar, Fraser Johnson, Steven ShawThe evolution of the SCATS and the environment study
11.2.284Kayvan Aghabayk, William Young, Majid Sarvi, Yibing WangExamining vehicle interactions during a vehicle-following manoeuvre
11.2.370majid sarvi, Ali Zavabeti, Omid EjtemaiModelling freeway weaving manoeuvre
11.3.146John OdgersReviewing the performance of the Australian land transport sector against its counterparts in Canada, New Zealand and the USA
11.3.2199Jordi Casas, Alex Torday, Josep PerarnauThe hybrid meso/micro simulation model: ITS evaluation for large scale networks
11.3.3212Hussein Abbass, William Mount, Deborah Tu?ek, Jean-Philippe PinheiroTowards a Code of Best Practice for Evaluating Air Traffic control Interfaces
11.4.1131Mark RichardsonPUUNK my ride: development of the Personalised User-generated Upcycled N-configurable Kit velomobile.
11.4.2120Alexander Vittouris, Mark RichardsonDesigning Vehicles for Natural Production: Growing a Velomobile from Bamboo
11.4.326Alan ParkerIn Europe 250 watt pedelecs reduce pollution and improve the safety and mobility of young and elderly riders